Update: Patent Reform Act of 2007

The ascendency of patent litigation over the past few decades — in Delaware and elsewhere — neatly tracks the United States’s broader shift to an information economy and the increasing value that companies place on intellectual property. As with other areas of the law (e.g., securities), a spike in litigation often provokes a congressional response.Continue reading “Update: Patent Reform Act of 2007”

“Pilot” Patent Court Legislation Passes House

Late last week, the House of Representatives gave its assent to an experimental program designed to “encourage enhancement of expertise in patent cases among district judges.” H.R. 5418, now pending in the Senate, would authorize the director of the Administrative Office of the Courts to designate at least five district courts in three or moreContinue reading ““Pilot” Patent Court Legislation Passes House”

Trademark and Copyright Bills Readied for Presidential Approval

In the latest AIPLA Report (sorry, AIPLA membership is required to read the article), it was reported that the House of Representatives agreed to a Senate amendment regarding H.R. 683 (trademark dilution) and H.R. 1036 (copyright), clearing the bills for White House approval. A copy of H.R. 683 is available here . H.R. 683’s changesContinue reading “Trademark and Copyright Bills Readied for Presidential Approval”