Wyeth Prevails in Discovery Dispute with Impax

Wyeth v. Impax Labs., Inc., C.A. No. 06-222-JJF, 2006 U.S. Dist LEXIS 79761 (D. Del. Oct. 26, 2006). Upon a motion to compel filed by Impax, Wyeth prevailed on four of five disputes before the Court, losing only its bid to split the cost of imaging relevant documents with Impax. As to Impax�s request thatContinue reading “Wyeth Prevails in Discovery Dispute with Impax”

Transfer Denied Even Where Similar Litigation Pending in Another District

To potential defendants BEWARE if you want to bolster your argument for transfer and you believe that some key witnesses will be former employees, be prepared to make a demonstration in your transfer briefs that they will be unwilling to testify voluntarily or that you cannot get their information in some other fashion. And knowContinue reading “Transfer Denied Even Where Similar Litigation Pending in Another District”

Questions of Law and Fact Do Not Mix

A Delaware judge has issued a decision highlighting the sometimes overlooked distinction between issues of law and fact in the patent realm. In a decision released last week, the Court rejected an attempt to revisit an earlier claim construction of the term “MOS transistor” – or metal oxide transistor. The Court held that defendant’s proposedContinue reading “Questions of Law and Fact Do Not Mix”

European Patent Dispute Between Telecom Giants Heads Back to Delaware Chancery Court

Nokia Corp. v. Qualcomm, Inc.), No. 06-509-JJF (D. Del. Aug. 29, 2006) Upon a motion to remand filed by Nokia, Judge Farnan remanded this dispute back to the Delaware Court of Chancery, where the suit was originally filed. The court decided whether Nokia’s claims arose under federal patent law despite the fact that the claimsContinue reading “European Patent Dispute Between Telecom Giants Heads Back to Delaware Chancery Court”

Advice-of-Counsel Defense Waives Communications with “All” Counsel

In the latest twist to the post-Echostar waiver debate, Judge Farnan has issued an opinion stating that a party asserting the advice-of-counsel defense to willful infringment waives the attorney-client privilege concerning communications with both opinion counsel and trial counsel. In the July 28th decision, the Court noted that, based on the Federal Circuit’s recent InContinue reading “Advice-of-Counsel Defense Waives Communications with “All” Counsel”