Chief Judge Stark decides motions in limine in advance of Princeton Digital trial

Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark recently considered the parties’ motions in limine  in advance of the trial between Princeton Digital  Image Corporation and intervenor Adobe Systems Inc.  Princeton Digital Image Corproation v. Office Depot Inc., et al., No. 13-239-LPS (August 9, 2017).  For example, Judge Stark denied Adobe’s MIL to preclude a Princeton witness from testifying “about his belief that images appearing on the websites of Adobe’s customers were dynamically generated ‘on the fly.'”  Id. at 1.  Judge Stark found that the testimony was admissible because Princeton did not seek to admit the testimony to prove that defendants’ websites “actually work in a particular way[,]” but offered the testimony to establish why Princeton “believed it had a viable infringement claim” and therefore did not breach a “covenant-not-to-sue in good faith[.]”  Id.  Judge Stark also denied Princeton’s MIL to exclude exhibits relating to settlement because Adobe offered the exhibits “to support its claim that [Princeton] breached the covenant-not-to sue by bring and maintaining suits against Defendants and did so in bad faith[.]”  Id. 3.

Princeton Digital Image Corporation v. Office Depot Inc., No. 13-239-LPS (August 10, 2017)

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