Judge Andrews Denies Motion to Stay Case Just Prior to Expert Discovery Pending Related Federal Circuit Decision

The Defendants in this case requested a stay pending the Federal Circuit’s decision on a patent-in-suit from a related case, and Judge Andrews denied the motion. In considering the motion to stay, Judge Andrews recognized that the Federal Circuit’s decision “may make this case moot, or otherwise simplify whatever issues would remain on this patent. Depending on what the decision is, it might also cause a scramble over whether a preliminary injunction should issue, which would involve issues in addition to the trial issues. Thus, on the whole, this factor favors granting the stay, but it does not heavily weigh in favor of granting the stay.” Sanofi, et al. v. Lupin Atlantis Holdings SA, et al., C.A. No. 15-415-RGA, Order at 1 (D. Del. Oct. 14, 2016). Judge Andrews also pointed out that the “case is ready for expert discovery, which is due to begin next week, and trial is set for April 24, 2017 . . . [which] argues against granting the stay.” Id. Finally, Judge Andrews found that a stay may cause some undue prejudice to Plaintiffs, the non-moving party, because “[i]f a stay is granted, Plaintiffs have to prepare for the possibility of a preliminary injunction, which would be an extra expense. In all likelihood, Defendants too would prepare for the possibility of a preliminary injunction. The prejudice to Plaintiffs may be that I would not grant a preliminary injunction, whereas if Plaintiffs win on a trial on the merits, they will get their injunction by virtue of the trial. Thus, it may be that a trial is an easier route for Plaintiffs to get the relief they are seeking. I think consideration of this factor suggests some possibility of tactical advantage to Defendants if a stay is granted.” Id. at 1-2.

Sanofi, et al. v. Lupin Atlantis Holdings SA, et al., C.A. No. 15-415-RGA (D. Del. Oct. 14, 2016).

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