Judge Sleet grants motion to sever and stay infringement claims against banks pending resolution of infringement claims against manufacturer of mobile banking applications.

Judge Gregory M. Sleet recently severed and stayed infringement claims against several banks relating to alleged infringement of mobile banking technology patents pending the resolution of claims against the manufacturer of the banks’ mobile banking applications.  Rothschild Mobile Imaging Innovations, LLC v. Mitek Systems, Inc., C.A. No. 14-617-GMS (D. Del. July 31, 2015).  As Judge Sleet explained, “the infringement claims against the Bank defendants are peripheral to the claims of infringement against Mitek because the Banks appear to have only been customers of Mitek’s alleged infringing technology.”  Id. at 5.  The Court added, “[a]djudication of the claims against Mitek will dispose of the claims against the Bank defendants as users of the products [and] [t]he presence of the Bank defendants as parties neither adds nor detracts from [plaintiff’s] patent infringement claim against Mitek.”  Id. at 6.  The Court found that the balance of factors favored staying the case pending the resolution of the claims against Mitek, and did not favor transferring the case to the Southern District of California, Mitek’s home forum.

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