Judge Robinson Considers Pre-Litigation Agreement to Reimburse Prevailing Party’s Attorneys’ Fees

Judge Robinson recently faced the question of the application of two pre-litigation agreements between Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and their predecessors to the awarding of attorneys’ fees at the end of the litigation. The specific agreements at issue included a provision requiring reimbursement of the prevailing party’s attorneys’ fees if infringement litigation arose between the parties. This provision applied to the instant litigation because the later agreement modified the earlier agreement in order to substitute successors in interest but did not eliminate the attorneys’ fee provision of the earlier agreement. Medtronic, Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corp., C.A. No. 07-823-SLR, Memo. at 7-8 (D. Del. May 27, 2015). Furthermore, although one of the defendants was not a signatory to the agreement at issue, Judge Robinson concluded that the defendant was bound by that agreement because it had enjoyed the benefits of the agreement and had engaged in a course of conduct that showed it adopted the agreement. Id. at 8-9.

Judge Robinson also determined that the declaratory judgment plaintiff, Medtronic, was not time-barred from moving for attorneys’ fees under the agreements. The agreement at issue required only a determination of the prevailing party for its “loser pays” provision to apply. Accordingly, there were no issues of fact to present to a jury and Medtronic had not waived its entitlement to attorneys’ fees by failing to offer proof at trial or present the claim in the pretrial order. Judge Robinson therefore concluded that the request for attorneys’ fees post-trial was timely. Id. at 4-6.

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