Judge Robinson Follows First-Filed Rule in Denying Motion to Dismiss

Judge Robinson recently denied a motion to dismiss filed by a declaratory judgment defendant and patent owner. The plaintiff, Corning Inc., filed a declaratory judgment suit in Delaware seeking judgment that it does not infringe the defendant’s, DSM, patents and that those patents are invalid. DSM responded with a motion to dismiss, arguing that Corning’s claims arise from the parties’ supply agreement, which contained an Illinois forum selection clause. Corning responded to the motion by arguing that its patent claims do not relate to the supply agreement and are therefore not governed by that clause. DMS then filed a suit asserting both breach of contract and patent infringement claims in the Northern District of Illinois. Corning Inc. v. DSM Desotech, Inc., et al., C.A. No. 14-1081-SLR, Memo. Or. at 1-2 (D. Del. Apr. 16, 2015).

Judge Robinson denied the motion to dismiss, finding “no dispute that the breach of contract claims belong in Illinois . . . [or] that Corning filed its declaratory judgment action in Delaware first and that, as such, DSM’s patent infringement claims are compulsory counterclaims in the Delaware case.” Id. at 2. Thus, there were “no overlapping substantive issues between the breach of contract claim and the patent infringement and invalidity claims . . . [and the] mere possibility of . . . a factual overlap . . . supports neither a motion to dismiss nor a motion to transfer.” Id. at 3.

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