Judge Robinson limits number of patents for Markman hearing

In Intellectual Ventures I LLC, et al. v. Canon Inc., et al., C.A. No. 13-473-SLR (D. Del. Dec. 16 2014), Judge Sue L. Robinson limited the number of patents to be presented at the Markman hearing. Judge Robinson explained that the Court was presented with “65 disputed terms from 95 claims in 11 patents,” and that the Court’s resources were not “substantial enough to warrant a claim construction decision to issue on all 11 patents on or before January 27, 2015.” Judge Robinson therefore ordered the plaintiffs to select the six patents and related limitations they would like to present at the December 22, 2014 Markman hearing. Judge Robinson did note that the Court would “discuss with the parties at that time the disposition of the remaining patents in terms of the case schedule.”

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