Judge Robinson construes claim terms relating to data storage devices.

Judge Sue L. Robinson recently issued a claim construction order in a case alleging infringement of four data storage device patents.  Round Rock Research, LLC v. Sandisk Corp., Civ. No. 12-569-SLR (D. Del. July 21, 2014).  The following claim terms were construed:

  • “control means for generating control signals for controlling operations of the system”
  • “default parameter means coupled to the data storage unit for outputting default parameter data rather than the control parameter data in response to a first control signal from the control means”
  • “control data word”
  • “memory block”
  • “an unused control address”
  • “y-cycles” / “y-clock cycles”
  • “determining usage associated with a logical address” / “to determine usage data of a logical address”


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