Judge Robinson denies plaintiff’s motion to exclude, grants defendant’s motion to strike

In a recent order, Judge Sue L. Robinson denied plaintiff’s motion to exclude testimony regarding “commercial success of the [defendant’s] accused . . . products and services,” and granted defendant’s motion to strike plaintiff’s untimely infringement theories. Walker Digital, LLC v. Google Inc., et al., C.A. No. 11-309-SLR, at 1, 4-5 (D. Del. Jun. 21, 2013). Addressing plaintiff’s motion to exclude, Judge Robinson found that “the financial data supplied in the supplemental interrogatory is not well beyond or inconsistent with the testimony of [defendant’s] 30(b)(6) witness” that was deposed on financial topics. Id. at 3. Further, as Judge Robinson explained, plaintiff “had ample opportunity to seek the court’s assistance in obtaining financial data earlier, but did not do so.” Id. Additionally, Judge Robinson found that defendant did not act in bad faith. Id. at 4. Judge Robinson found that, on balance, the Pennypack factors weighed against excluding defendant’s financial data. Id.

Turning to defendant’s motion to strike, Judge Robinson noted that in its expert report plaintiff included infringement theories with respect to accused instrumentalities that plaintiff did not address during discovery. See id. at 4-5. Judge Robinson noted that “[g]iven that [defendant] did not disclose these instrumentalities until the close of fact discovery, it is not surprising that these instrumentalities were not vetted by [defendant] and [plaintiff] through the fact discovery process.” Id. at 5. However, as Judge Robinson explained, in its expert report plaintiff “chose to present its infringement contentions in a conclusory fashion and did not provide an infringement chart.” Id. Judge Robinson additionally explained that defendant was not “given the opportunity to participate in the discovery process related” to the newly addressed instrumentalities. Id. Judge Robinson thus granted defendant’s motion to strike. Id.

Walker Digital, LLC v. Google Inc., et al., C.A. No. 11-309-SLR (D. Del. Jun. 21, 2013)

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