Judge Stark Construes Terms of Vehicle Mirror Patent

Judge Leonard Stark recently issued a claim construction opinion in a patent dispute related to an assembly for mounting a mirror to a motor vehicle. See Rosco, Inc. v. Velvac Inc., C.A. No. 11-117-LPS, slip op. (D. Del. Dec. 4, 2012). Judge Stark construed the following terms of the patent-in-suit:

– “a structural portion of the vehicle”
– “attachment to”
– “connection to” and “connected to”
– “engine bay”
– “inside the engine bay”
– “below the hood of the vehicle”
– “positioned below the hood when the hood is in a closed position”
– “vehicle bulkhead” or “bulkhead”
Each of these terms related to the manner in which the mirror assembly was connected to the vehicle and what portion of the vehicle it was connected to. For each term, Judge Stark either sided with the Plaintiff, in one case adding one clarifying limitation, or gave the term is plain and ordinary meaning. Id. at 7-16.

Rosco 11-117

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