New Filing Requirement: Electronic Filing of Sealed Documents

The CM/ECF Administrative Procedures have been recently revised to include a new procedure for filing sealed documents electronically, effective November 1, 2012. (See § (G)(1)). Previously, a document filed under seal was not actually filed. Rather, a slip sheet containing the notation “Document Filed Under Seal,” or the like, was filed in its place. Now, the Court requires sealed documents to be filed directly into CM/ECF. During the docketing process, a screen will appear asking if the document should be filed under seal. If “yes” is selected, the document will be sealed from public view. A redacted document is still required to be filed within 7 days of the sealed filing.

In addition, beginning January 1, 2013 all documents filed into CM/ECF are required to conform with the PDF/A standard.

Revised CM_ECF Administrative Procedures

Electronic Filing Tips for Attorneys

Filing Sealed Civil Documents in CM_ECF

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