Judge Andrews Construes Claim Terms in Patent Dispute Involving Semiconductor LED Technology

In Cree, Inc. v. SemiLEDS Corporation, C.A. No. 10-866-RGA, Judge Andrews recently issued a claim construction opinion construing claim terms for five patents-in-suit involving semiconductor light emitting diode (“LED”) technology used for general lighting purposes. In the opinion, the Court construed the following terms:

“dominant wavelength”
“radiant flux”
“reflector layer”
“ohmic contact layer”
“conductive barrier layer”
“directly on”
“LED structure”
“adjacent to”
“light extraction structures”
“spreader layer”
“non-transparent feature”
“non-ohmic contact”
“wherein the metal contact forms on ohmic contact”
“is aligned with the non-transparent feature”
“in a region other than a reduced conductivity area of the surface of the p-type semiconductor layer”
“photon absorbing wire bond pad”
“contact metal”
“reflective structure”
“substantially congruent”

Cree, Inc. v. SemiLEDS Corporation, C.A. No. 10-866-RGA

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