D. Del. Panel to Recommend Candidates for Open Magistrate Position

On Monday, the District of Delaware came one step closer to filling the vacant magistrate judge position. By order, the D. Del. Judges constituted the newest iteration of the district’s Merit Selection Panel, which is charged with recommending no more than five candidates for the vacancy. The Panel will submit its guidance to the Court in early May.

The members of the Panel are:

Gregory B. Williams, Esquire
Regina Alonzo
Dace J. Blaskovitz
Scott E. Chambers, Esquire
Moira K. Donoghue, Esquire
Tara D. Elliott, Esquire
Anne Shea Gaza, Esquire
Kathleen M. Jennings, Esquire
Dr. David P. Roselle
Robert S. Saunders, Esquire
William J. Wade, Esquire
D. Del. Merit Selection Panel

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