Sue L. Robinson: Applicant Tracking System Patents Construed

District judge Sue L. Robinson recently construed the terms of several patents that concern systems and methods for collecting and maintaining information about job applicants. The Court issued its claim construction on seven terms and phrases:

1. “Target data strings”
2. “Each field [being] capable of [accommodating /accepting] . . . [a] data string”
3. “Source data [st]ream”
4. “Displaying a structured form comprised of multiple fields”
5. “Supplying”
6. “Supplemental inquiry form”
7. “Nonuniformly formatted source data streams”
Kenexa Brassring Inc. v. Taleo Corp., C.A. No. 07-521-SLR (D. Del. Nov. 18, 2010) (Robinson, J.).

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