Sue L. Robinson: Data-Cable Patent Claims Construed

Yesterday, district judge Sue L. Robinson issued a decision that construed claims in several patents related to high-performance data cables and associated methods for making those cables. The Court construed the following terms:

“Dielectric pair separator”
“Grooves” and “Channels”
“Substantially flat”
“Telecommunications cable”
“Data cable”
“Open space”
“Cable covering”
“Contacting each projection”
“Surface features”
The Court also declined to construe the following phrases:

“A first die which aligns the plurality of transmission media with surface features of the core.”
“An outer jacket that maintains the plurality of twisted pairs of conductors in position with respect to the non-conducive central core.”

Belden Techs. Inc. v. Superior Essex Comms. LP, C.A. No. 08-063-SLR (D. Del. Aug. 24, 2010) (Robinson, J.).

Also see the Court’s accompanying Memorandum Opinion on summary judgment, which includes an interesting discussion of the marking statute.

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