Judge Baylson: Claim construction order

Judge Baylson issued a recent claim construction order construing the following terms:

“discrete region(s)”
“fixed upon a solid support according to an array comprising discrete regions”
“determining the possible presence and quantification of precipitate(s) in said discrete region(s)”
“correlating the presence and quantification of the precipitate(s) at the discrete region(s) with the identification and/or quantification of said target compound”
“colloidal gold particles coupled to the bound target compound”
“wherein the possible presence and quantification of a precipitate is obtained by reflection, absorption or diffusion of a light beam upon said precipitate”
“wherein binding of said targe compound to one or more of said multiple species of capture molecules leads to a catalytic reduction of a metal present in solution, and a formation of a metallic precipitate in one or more of said discrete region(s)
“wherein said computer is programmed to detect and/or quantitate said target compounds”
Update: Below is the order adopting the constructions. Here is Judge Baylson’s July 12, 2010 memorandum opinion in support of the claim constructions.

Eppendorf AG v. Nanosphere Inc., C.A. 09-504 (D. Del. June 10, 2010)

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