Judge Sleet Reports on the District of Delaware “State of the Court”

At the recent annual luncheon held by the Delaware chapter of the Federal Bar Association, Judge Sleet presented on the “state of the court.” As part of his presentation, the Court provided attendees with a copy of the first “Annual Report of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware 2008.” The report provides a number of interesting statistics on the continuing growth in case load and patent filings.

In 2007, 19% of civil case filings in the district were for patent cases. Delaware held 17 patent trials in 2007, 8 of which were bench trials. The total number of patent trials in Delaware during 2007 was nearly 20% of the total held nationwide. The District of Delaware continues to be first in the country for number of patent cases per judge. Finally, 157 patent cases were filed in this district last year, up from 139 in 2006.

Despite all of the discussions regarding a downturn in patent filings nationwide, patent litigation continues to grow and thrive in the District of Delaware!

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